New opportunities with advanced calculation program

06/10/2011 In 2011, ROC began using a new FEM (Finite Element Method) Program in the design of springs and pressings. This method uses numerical mathematics to solve complex physical problems, such as strength, flow and heat conduction.

Essentially, the original problem is divided in to small pieces, called Finite Elements. Each finite element is then solved mathematically, in accordance with a predetermined procedure. Once each element has been solved, the results are combined to produce a solution to the original problem.

Many fields of use

ROC uses the program to make strength calculations for springs with a different geometry compared to standard springs, or springs that are loaded in an unconventional way. It is also possible to carry out detailed analysis of spring components in order to optimise the product or to increase understanding of it.

Complex spring calculations

ROC has invested in the program “ANSYS.” Popular in the nuclear industry, it is one of the top commercial FEM programs available on the market. The program can, for example, take into account many of the non-linearities which usually occur in spring calculations, such as large deformations and parts that come into contact with each other during the deformation process. It is also possible to calculate some dynamic phenomenon, to use non-linear materials and to make buckling analysis.

FEM strengthens the technical expertise

The investment in the new FEM program is part of ROC´s ambitions to be a leading spring supplier of absolute top quality, both in production and qualified technical support.

It is now easier than ever to achieve a relatively rapid analysis of a spring, often in its natural environment, for an optimal spring solution.
"The FEM program is a great asset for us and our customers, particularly concerning strip components where geometries often are very complex and therefore difficult to analyze. When it comes to springs made of wire, not only complex geometries are common, but also very unusual loading conditions. The program has already proved useful in several customer projects and the future opportunities are endless", says Mattias Hartvigsson, product specialist and responsible for the FEM program operations within Lejsöfors


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