FAQ - Leaf Springs

Are ROC leaf springs supplied with bushes?

Yes, ROC leaf springs are fully bushed, using rubber bushes for lighter vehicles & rubber to metal bonded bushes for heavier vehicles.

What is the meaning of build 2+1, 3+2, 4+1, etc when describing leaf springs?

This describes the number of leaves in a particular leaf spring. Occasionally, some multi-leaf springs are produced with auxiliary (helper) springs, to stop the spring becoming inverted during load. Where an application is listed as having a build as 3+1, the +1 refers to the number of auxiliary springs.

Do ROC offer replacement U-Bolts along with leaf springs?

Yes, ROC offer a universal U-Bolt range covering the majority of applications, supplied complete with nuts.

Do I need to replace the U-Bolts when I replace a leaf spring?

Yes, we recommend replacing the U-Bolts with the leaf spring to ensure correct fitment.

The U-Bolts I have received are too long

As the ROC U-Bolt range is universal, covering many applications, some are supplied longer than they need to be. They should be cut to the correct length for application during installation.

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